Why Limit Your Promotions with Old-School static QR Codes & Short Links?

Get Ones That Can Change On-The-Fly Instead!

Dynamic QR Codes

Our Dynamic QR Codes System allows you to change the offers that are associated with a QR Code on-the-fly. Imagine that for a moment...

QR Codes are everywhere. Smart business owners use QR codes because they know consumers scan them frequently to get more information about something they're interested in. And, it's a lot easier for a consumer to scan a QR Code than to have to type text. Naturally, the latter is a stumbling block for your call-to-action.

As you likely know, regular QR Codes are inflexible and are costing you too much money.

Find out how to get flexibility with your QR Codes -and- save marketing dollars with our Dynamic QR Codes System

Dynamic Short Links

Our Dynamic ShortLinks System allows you to change your offers or pages on-the-fly that your short link URLs point to. Think about that...

Long. messy-looking URLs make your business look amateurish. They can also cause confusion & doubt in your prospect's mind. Countless studies tell us that a confused mind chooses not to act.

Short URLs (also known at Short Links) are the answer. But, often times, they are inflexible and can provide a poor user experience. They also can cost you excess marketing dollars.

Find out how to get the flexibility you need, provide a great user experience, and stop spending too much money. Check out out Dynamic ShortLinks System

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