Dynamic Short Links

Our Dynamic ShortLinks System allows you to change your offers or pages on-the-fly that your short link URLs point to. Think about that...

Long, messy-looking URLs make your business look amateurish.

They can also cause confusion & doubt in your prospect's mind. Countless studies tell us that a confused mind chooses not to act.

A short URL cleans it right up, and it is great for placement in social media posts.

But, most link shorteners provide a short link that is set in stone... meaning that the URL of the end destination cannot be changed.

That's a drag because when your offers end or your page is removed, your prospects get an unfavorable user experience.

And that makes them want to look elsewhere. Ooops...

Our Dynamic ShortLinx System makes changing to a different destination page easy. Great, right?

No more inflexibility. No more poor user experience. No more wasted marketing dollars.

Smart move...

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