Dynamic QR Codes

Our Dynamic QR Codes System allows you to change your offers that are associated with a QR Code on-the-fly. Imagine that for a moment...

QR Codes are everywhere. Smart business owners use QR codes because they know consumers scan them frequently to get more information about something they're interested in. And, they're a lot easier to use than typing text.

Up to now, QR codes, once made, have been set in stone. The destination URL they send consumers to cannot be changed. Previously, you had a QR code designed, printed, and sent to your prospects.

Then, something changes (like your offer), and you are now sending prospects to an offer page that you no longer want them to see. Or, even worse, the dreaded "404" page. That's frustrating for everyone.

With our Dynamic QR Codes System, you print and send out one QR code. And, with our Dynamic QR Codes System, you can change to a different offer whenever you want.

No more wasted marketing collateral costs & poor user experience. Using the Dynamic QR Codes System is smart...

Find out how to get our Dynamic QR Codes System working for your business. It's easy.

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